Waste and Recycling Balers. CB50. CB50 SD Mill Size Vertical Baling Press. • Compaction Force 50 Tonnes. • Cycle Time 40 seconds. • Loading Aperture 1090mm x 570mm. • Maximum Bale Size 1200mm x 800mm x 1000mm. • Bale Weight 500kg (Depending on material)

While many produce bales that are smaller than those made by horizontal balers, there are large vertical balers that can produce a shipping bale. "Many operations want the larger vertical baler to get a mill size bale of cardboard, for instance, which weighs more than 1,000 pounds," says one manufacturer.

MP600 Vertical Mill Baler All round baling solution from PRM Waste Systems. The MP600 Mill Size Vertical Baler is an easily maintained machine of extremely robust construction specifically manufactured for the recovery of recyclable product.

Our VB250 is a mighty baler with a XL vertical loading door for fast throughput of large waste items. This model will produce extremely dense, twine tied bales of circa 250kgs (half mill size) . It will compact cardboard, plastics and even general mixed waste.

Our BRG mill size baler is one of a few that actually produces a true wire tied 500 kg bale with its counterbalance door makes loading simple and its cycle time of 32 seconds is one of the quickest on the market our mill size baler has the option to use five wires to tie off which would be essential when baling plastic, Large Loading aperture and massive capacity really does make …

The VB-40 mill sized baler also called vertical baler used for baling carton,cardboard,waste paper into density bales,the bale size designed for truck and container loading. The VB-40L comes one 40 tons pressing force pressing ram,the 7.5kw motor and 1200mm length feeding door. Our VB-40 designed for safety ...

The rebate received for mill size bales would typically be over £70 per ton depending on the material and quantity stored. Landfill Alternatives offer two models of Mill Size Vertical Balers for sale and lease hire; the LFA 500 and LFA 500HD. We also offer a free no-obligation 7-day free trial on both of these models.

COMMERCIAL BALERS. MODEL V63OCC (60″) SPEC SHEET QUOTE REQUEST. One of our most popular machines, this 60" Vertical Downstroke Baler is ideally suited for OCC & shrink-wrap, producing bales up to 1,000 lbs. The V63OCC baler is configured for generating mill size, marketable bales of corrugated materials (OCC) while controlling equipment cost.

This mill size cardboard baler from Dicom Ltd is suitable for large businesses or users who produce large volumes of waste. All Dicom machinery are designed & manufactured to current safety standards. Available for sale or rent/hire, our machines are refurbished to the highest standards & include a full one-year warranty.

LSM recently introduced a heavy duty version of the V50 Mill Size Baler.To make an enquiry e-mail info@lsmltdThis machine is specifically designed to bal...

Mil-tek 50SD Mill Size Vertical Baler X-Large Retail Facilities Warehouses Distribution Centres Logistics Manufacturers Recyclers Cardboard: 500 kg Plastic: 520 kg H x W x D (mm) 610 × 1140 × 770 Mil-tek H501 Mill Size Hydraulic Baler X-Large Logistics Recyclers Warehouses ...

Vertical Mill Size Balers HB450. Perfect for medium to large amounts of waste, using a large single ram with a high capacity to compact all waste materials. Machine Dimensions 1710mm x 3040mm x 1240mm (WxHxD) Machine Weight 1700kg. Power supply 32A …

Standard horizontal balers come in several sizes to solve your compaction needs. Our smallest Horizontal Baler makes a mill size bale of 40 inches long x 57 inches wide. Process 2 + Mill Size bales per hour. Saves employees time to make 1300 – 1400 size bale. Larger size bales pay greater Commodity Rebates.

Technical Specification Alternative Mill Size Baler. Pressing Power - 40 Tonne . Cycle Time - 58 Seconds . Overall Dimensions W x D x H - 1900mm x 1150mm x 3280mm . Loading Aperture W x H - 1560mm x 590mm . Maximum Bale Size W x H - 1560mm x 1080mm . Approximate Machine Weight - 2100 kg . Bale Weight up to 500 kg Depending on Material

Mill-size/60″. The Harris/Selco V5-HD is a "mill-size" baler capable of producing bales to that meet the most preferred dimensions and weight specifications. These balers have a SMALL FOOTPRINT, are VERSATILE and AFFORDABLE. Models with larger chambers are available for customers needing to process bulky scrap materials.

We offer a wide range of Vertical Balers including: Cross Cylinder Balers, Mill Size Balers, Plastic Mill Size Balers, Small Vertical Balers, Textile Balers, Twin Chamber Balers and Tyre Balers. Contact us for a free quote and a bespoke proposal to see how we can reduce costs and save money for your business.

Our range of vertical balers includes small balers which produce bales of 30-60kg as well as medium and large mill size balers producing bales of up to 600kg. Vertical Balers are used for baling recyclable material into solid, space saving blocks.

The standard mill size baler machines are one of Sinobaler's most popular down stroke balers. These mill size cardboard balers are standalone vertical baling machines. It is with great use in the disposal of cardboard/carton. So it is also popular as cardboard baler or carton baler. They are hydraulic mill size balers and ideal baling ...

HSM V-Press 1160 eco vertical baling press. With a maximum bale weight of 550 kg, strong pressing power and an absolutely high efficiency level, the HSM V-Press 1160 is the top-model of the HSM V-Press series. The HSM V-Presses are highly energy efficient thanks to the rapid stroke technology. This saves time and money.

60" Standard Vertical Baler Diagram - 60-1048 A = 68" B = 80" C = 54" D = 108" E = 143" F = 45" G = 102" H = 76" I = 54" Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement.

HORIZONTAL BALER. 2.5 YARD STATIC COMPACTOR WITH LIFTER. MILL SIZE BALER WITH COUNTER BALANCE GATE. 75kg mini vertical baler. To understand which option is best for your business, contact our team on 01484 660770. Commercial Waste Services – Wheelie Bin Collection – Front & Back End Loader

> Mill Size Vertical Balers for cardboard and Plastic Films > Lifting Chamber Baler for textiles > Swivel twin Baler for high production and for two different commodities to be baled simultaneously > Long stroke Baler for voluminous materials such as …

We have vertical balers for every application. Cardboard, plastic/shrink wrap, textiles/clothing, high grades, E-waste, non-ferrous metals, or aluminum/bi-metal cans, we have the right vertical recycling baler to market your "mill size" bales.

Product overview for the LFA 500 HD. This product is a Vertical Mill Size Baler capable of producing mill size bales weighing ~500kg. Learn more about this p...

M-60 STD High Density Baler / Vertical Baler The M-60 STD is a high density baler with an extra heavy duty frame. It is the toughest and most reliable 60 inch vertical mill-sized downstroke baler you can buy. It makes mill-size bales of corrugated cardboard weighing up …

VERTICAL BALERS. Compactors Inc. has a full line of Vertical Balers to process Cardboard, Plastics & Non-Ferrous Metals. Our multi-purpose 60" downstroke balers are best for grocery stores, retailers, pharmacies, …

Engineered Recycling Systems carries high quality mill size, vertical balers that are ideal for large quantities of cardboard and plastic. The 60" balers produce a standard 60x30x48-inch bale weighing between 800–1400 lbs depending on the waste material. All of Engineered Recycling Solution's vertical balers are easy and safe to operate.

Mill size baler machine is a hydraulic industrial down stroke baler. It makes dense and recycle-ready bales. So you can send these bales directly to paper mills for further recycling. Mill size balers are normally medium size vertical baler machines. It can produce 60 …

PTR 7200-HD Vertical Baler. Manufacturer: PTR Model: 7200 HD PTR 7200-HD 8″ Cylinder 20 HP Motor 72″ W x 42″ D x 48″ H Bale Size 1,800 – 2,200 lbs. Bale Weight Average Cycle Time: 34 sec System Pressure: 3,100 PSI Working For ce: 155,825 lbs. Ram Pressure: 51.5

The LFA 500 HD is our largest heavy-duty, vertical mill size baler that creates wire tied bales up to 650kg (depending on material). It is a fairly new addition to our range (2018) and was designed to withstand large pressures by reinforcing hinges and constructing a thicker metal frame.

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